8 Ways to Facilitate Marketing with SEMrush Traffic Analytics API

Some say data could solve all of our problems — it can help us understand consumer behavior, build more effective strategies, and optimize our day-to-day efforts. In reality, now some of us are overwhelmed jumping from one platform to another, trying to keep the data straight, and then finding ways to combine the data to make informed decisions.

We have a guiding light for you in the form of SEMrush Traffic Analytics API, and you don’t have to use our interface! The goal of our solution is to provide you with data in the format that is most suitable for you. SEMrush Traffic Analytics API was designed to be integrated into any dashboard, application, or widget. It also fits nicely with solutions built on e-commerce platforms and CMSs like Magento, Shopify, Drupal, and PrestaShop.

Keep reading to see how the SEMrush Traffic Analytics API can change your daily professional life.

1. Reduce Routine Tasks, Improve Employee Productivity, and Speed Up the Work

Save time and energy on repetitive routine tasks. With the right data at your fingertips, your employees won’t waste time moving from one interface to another. When the API is integrated with your internal data systems, all the data you need will be right where you can see it. You can also save tons of time creating spreadsheets; it is already done for you automatically.

2.  Make Room For Innovation and Growth

SEMrush Traffic Analytics API delivers regularly updated stats on your chosen market, industry or competitor. Take a look at the samples of data available with the tool.

Based on the highs and lows of Traffic Volume, you can gain insight on the seasonal peaks in your researched market. Traffic Sources stats give you an idea of the channels you should test in your next campaign. When you clearly see what worked and what did not work for other industry players, you feel confident adding new features to your marketing mix or even expanding your company’s presence to a new target market.

3. Enhance Your Service

Marketers, draw your employer’s attention to the SEMrush Traffic Analytics API and let them know they can add this data to the company’s SaaS product and benefit from its reinforced capabilities. You can integrate this data to the company’s analytics systems and enjoy a fuller and more accurate picture when doing marketing reports and research. Your propositions will be clear-cut, and the whole team will be more satisfied with the results.

4. Facilitate Approval Processes and Choose Competent Contractors

No one wants to introduce a new marketing strategy to the C-suite without the proper information in hand. If you have the right data in hand, you can alleviate any concerns and show that you have a well thought out strategy based on data and audience research. SEMrush Traffic Analytics API can provide the data you need to be convincing in marketing meetings:

  • The latest emerging markets and trends

  • Seasonal demand fluctuations

  • Media consumption stats

  • The relevance of specific channels for a targeted case (SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, and referral programs)

You can attain these insights based on the comprehensive online metrics that SEMrush Traffic Analytics API accumulates, such as volume and quality of website traffic, visitor engagement and behavior, traffic sources and destination websites. With all this information, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your competitors’ and partners’ digital campaigns and your ultimate KPIs.

5. Forge Profitable Business, Affiliate, and Co-marketing Partnerships

When evaluating a potential partner, you can consider a variety of factors like your own stats from Google Analytics, outcomes of your potential partners’ previous campaigns, and any business details you have learned from your allies. SEMrush Traffic Analytics API allows you to unite your prospects’ website traffic data with any other metrics you have collected. All together this information presents the entire picture and helps you make the best decision.

Preview: How to Evaluate a Prospective Partner

Looking for a reliable way to evaluate a potential affiliate, co-marketing or business partner? Fill in the ultimate SEMrush cheat sheet to choose the most promising candidate! Evaluate the main metrics to figure out your future partner’s potential and make the optimal decision.

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6. Understand Your Potential Customers’ Behavior and Improve Customer Experience

The tools with internal access like Google Analytics tell a lot about your current customer journey. However, when you target a new audience, such as your competitors’ clients, you may want to have access to analytical information that benefits your competitors.

Who goes to your rivals’ websites? How do these users go from being occasional visitors to frequent ones? These questions can be answered with SEMrush Traffic Analytics API. Just choose the top players of your industry to follow and check their engagement levels, such as the number of pages per visit, average time on page, and bounce rate.

7. Get Actionable Market Insights and Industry Trends

You may need to research another product category for a tender, get an overview of a country or a region for localization of a strategy, and even do consistent competitor analysis to spot unusual/brilliant activity from your rivals. Whatever news you expect to get, it is better to detect a trend before it becomes mainstream.

The SEMrush Traffic Analytics API data breaks ground for you to gain these market insights:

  • Geographical expansion (look at the growing traffic volume in specific regions)

  • Key partnerships (study your competitors’ referral traffic)

  • Growth of specific channels and media platforms (research traffic sources)

8. Turn Data Into Value and Help the Bottom Line

Data is valuable, while data analysis is priceless. To benefit from the research, you need to connect all of the findings, interpret them correctly, and deliver these insights in a timely manner to the decision makers.

The best thing a marketer can do is combine their company’s internal stats with the SEMrush Traffic Analytics API data. With this reinforcement, the tool helps you gain a competitive advantage and ultimately serves the end goal of marketing — to support sales and drive revenue of the company.

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